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International Student Services

Academic Exchange Students

Washington College hosts both semester and academic year exchange students from our international partner institutions.  Follow the steps listed below to apply for a semester of year exchange at Washington College.

Step 1:

Meet with your home university’s international exchange/study abroad office and let them know you are interested in studying at Washington College.  

Step 2:

Once you are approved by your institution to study at Washington College, you need to complete the online Washington College Exchange Student Application. 

Online Application Form

Financial Certification Form

Step 3:

Complete the supporting documents and submit them to your home university’s international exchange/study abroad office.

Health Form

Step 4:

The Course Schedule is available here.  Please review the course information and email the Course Request form to geo@washcoll.edu by Monday, March 21, 2016.  

Course Request Form 


*The course request should be submitted before acceptance packets are sent to ensure priority registration if accepted to study at Washington College.

Please contact the Global Education Office, geo@washcoll.edu, if there are any questions about the exchange application process.