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Global Education Office

GEO Stories: International Student Spotlight

Current Students

  • Jiahan Liu ’19, wearing Colonial period clothing, is working this summer in the forge at Colonial Williamsburg.

    After exploring the material culture of the American Revolution over spring break, Jiahan Liu ’19 is going for a full immersion during an internship this summer in the forge and armoury at Colonial Williamsburg.

  • Xin Miao ’19, Marah Tarawneh ’19, and Amorn Chitkittiwong ’18 were collaborators on the video project.

    International students working for the Office of English Language Learning are creating a video series that introduces students from around the globe to Washington College. By international students, for international students, the virtual orientation series closes the gap between imagination and reality for those preparing to attend Washington College.

  • Yue Sun ’20 traveled from China to study at Washington College.

    Yue Sun ’20, from Zhengzhou City, China, has flourished at Washington College.

Hear from our International Alumni 

  • Mikhail Zaborskiy ’11 earned his MBA and is now working for a consulting firm in Houston, Texas.
    Mikhail Zaborskiy ’11- Russia
    A former rower who majored in business and economics, Mikhail Zaborskiy ’11 recently completed an MBA at Harvard.
  • Debashish Goenka ’18 played varsity soccer at Washington College.

    Debashish Goenka ’18 - India

    Deba is finishing his undergraduate degree at Washington College with a second home and a promising future in finance.

  • Marcela Morales ’16 enjoyed meeting the Kichwa people of Ecuador.
    Marcela Morales ’16- Guatemala

    Through her travels, Marcela Morales ’16 became culturally sensitive to other people and their backgrounds—which she says is very helpful for a career in global business.
  • Hispanic Studies and Art History major Nicolás Campisi (’14) and Hispanic Studies professor Shawn Stein worked together...
    Nicolas Campisi ’14 - Argentina 

    Inspired by Argentinian writer Rodrigo Fresán’s visit to WC, Nicolas Campisi ’14 translated Fresán’s chronicle into English.
  • Yukiko Omagari now works at the United Nations in her native Japan.
    Yukiko Omagari ’05- Japan

    On her journey from Chestertown to the United Nations, alumna Yukiko Omagari ’05 let the people’s voices urge her toward advocacy.
  • With an undergraduate degree in political science, Minty Abraham ’04 earned a master’s degree in international aff...
    Minty Abraham Wade ’04- Liberia

    A former refugee from Liberia, Minty Abraham Wade ’04 is now working to protect refugee populations across the globe.
  • Born in Ghana, Kwadwo Frimpong ’09 is now studying international development at Columbia University. 
    Kwadwo Frimpong ’09- Ghana

    Anticipating international development work in his native Africa, Kwadwo Frimpong ’09 is pursuing his second advanced degree at Columbia University
  • Shreyas Suresh ’18
    Shreyas Suresh ’18 - India

    Shreyas is taking every opportunity at Washington College to learn about American business and finance.
  • Steven Li ’17, a business management major, has visited four continents.
    Steven Li ’17- China

    International student Steven Li discusses his trips around the world during his time at Washington College.
  • Standing in the U.K. Parliamentary Archives, Lewi Negede Lewi holds a piece of legislation dating from medieval times and ...
    Lewi Negede Lewi ’17- Ethiopia

    With his globetrotting ways, Lewi Negede Lewi ’17 is putting the “international” front and center in his international studies major at Washington College.