Global Education Office

GEO Stories: International Student Spotlight Alumni

  • Mikhail Zaborskiy ’11 earned his MBA and is now working for a consulting firm in Houston, Texas.
    Mikhail Zaborskiy ’11- Russia
    A former rower who majored in business and economics, Mikhail Zaborskiy ’11 recently completed an MBA at Harvard.
  • Steven Li ’17, a business management major, has visited four continents.
    Steven Li ’17- China

    International student Steven Li discusses his trips around the world during his time at Washington College.
  • Standing in the U.K. Parliamentary Archives, Lewi Negede Lewi holds a piece of legislation dating from medieval times and ...
    Lewi Negede Lewi ’17- Ethiopia

    With his globetrotting ways, Lewi Negede Lewi ’17 is putting the “international” front and center in his international studies major at Washington College.

  • Yukiko Omagari now works at the United Nations in her native Japan.
    Yukiko Omagari ’05- Japan

    On her journey from Chestertown to the United Nations, alumna Yukiko Omagari ’05 let the people’s voices urge her toward advocacy.
  • Marcela Morales ’16 enjoyed meeting the Kichwa people of Ecuador.
    Marcela Morales ’16- Guatemala

    Through her travels, Marcela Morales ’16 became culturally sensitive to other people and their backgrounds—which she says is very helpful for a career in global business.
  • Hispanic Studies and Art History major Nicolás Campisi (’14) and Hispanic Studies professor Shawn Stein worked together...
    Nicolas Campisi ’14 - Argentina 

    Inspired by Argentinian writer Rodrigo Fresán’s visit to WC, Nicolas Campisi ’14 translated Fresán’s chronicle into English.
  • With an undergraduate degree in political science, Minty Abraham ’04 earned a master’s degree in international aff...
    Minty Abraham Wade ’04- Liberia

    A former refugee from Liberia, Minty Abraham Wade ’04 is now working to protect refugee populations across the globe.
  • Born in Ghana, Kwadwo Frimpong ’09 is now studying international development at Columbia University. 
    Kwadwo Frimpong ’09- Ghana

    Anticipating international development work in his native Africa, Kwadwo Frimpong ’09 is pursuing his second advanced degree at Columbia University