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English Language Learning

Assessment & Course Requirements

Effective with the academic year 2016-2017, students starting their academic careers at Washington College may be required to take two courses designed to assist them adapt to both American academic standards and academic English itself.

Who participates in in-bound assessment?

Students for whom English is a second language and who at enrollment:

  •  Do not present a TOEFL score or equivalent measure of their English language skills taken within the two years prior to enrollment at Washington College, or
  • Present a TOEFL score between 79 & 86 or equivalent measure of their English language skills taken within two years of enrollment at Washington College

These students must complete the Washington College English language assessment process before they begin classes at Washington College.

Who is required to take academic English courses?

Students whose language assessment results indicate that they require more study of the English language to support their academic work at Washington College must successfully complete both ELL 101: English for Academic Purposes I and ELL 102: English for Academic Purposes II, in their first two semesters at Washington College.

Students who earn a grade of at least an A- in ELL 101 may request to opt out of taking ELL 102.