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Disability Access

Alternative Test Room Booking

  1. Login to Accommodate.
  2. Select Alternative Test Room Booking tab.
  3. Here, you will see Pending Booking Requests and Approved Booking Requests.
  4. From this screen, you will be able to double check your booking requests. If you notice a mistake with your booking request, please email the OAS to make a change.
  5. To book a new exam, select “New Booking Request.”
  6. From the drop-down menu, select which course for which you are booking your exam or quiz.
  7. You may leave the Date and Time Ranges at the preset, or adjust if you need to see more available dates and times.
  8. If you have an exam accommodation other than, or in addition to, extended time and/or distraction-reduced, please select it from the accommodation type. This is to help us ensure that we have enough space/resources for each student scheduling an exam. Based on your approved accommodations you may see different available rooms. The Standard Testing Room is for extended-time and/or distraction-reduced. The Computer Testing Room is for if you have an accommodation for the use of a computer for an exam. The Reader/Scribe Testing Room has extremely limited availability due to staffing. If this is one of your approved accommodations, which you will be using on that exam, you should select it from the “Accommodation Type” drop-down menu.
  9. Once you have filled in this information select, from the right-hand column, the appropriate room (in most cases Standard Testing Room) at the CORRECT TIME. Please note that the current day’s availability is listed first, so you will need to scroll down to see more dates. You must start the exam at the time the rest of the class is starting it unless you have made prior arrangements (due to back-to-back classes, etc).
  10. Once you select a time, you will get a pop-up, much like when booking appointments. One this form you will see the information you selected, and may also need to include more information. “Additional Accommodations” only include pre-approved accommodations. If you need additional testing accommodations, you need to contact the OAS. If your professor has approved the use of an additional tool to complete the exam (calculator, note card, etc.), you must include this information under “Approved Testing Aids.” We may not allow you to use a testing aid if you do not include this information on your form. There is a section for comments if there is further information we need to know.
  11. Once everything is entered, hit “submit request.”

If you need to request any documents on this webpage in an alternative accessible format (Braille, digital, audio, or large print) please contact the Office of Academic Skills at 410.778.7860 or

If you have difficulty accessing any portions of this page with adaptive technology, please contact Taylor Fields at 410.810.5841or