Disability Services

Policies and Procedures

In order to take your exam in the OAS, the following must be on file at least one week before the day of the exam: 1) current Accommodation Letter for the course; and 2) supporting documentation of disability

The following are the student’s responsibility regarding the use of proctored exam services:
  • Schedule all extended time tests and exams: 

    With accommodations

    Make up test only

  • Tests must be scheduled AT LEAST 72 HOURS (3 DAYS) PRIOR to the scheduled test date.
  • Late scheduling may result in the delay or re-scheduling of a test.
  • All tests and exams (except finals) must be scheduled during regular OAS office hours M-F 8:30-4:30pm.
  • The professor will receive an email confirmation of the scheduled test; however it is the student’s responsibility to also remind the professor to email the exam to oas@washcoll.edu at least one day prior to the test.
  • To cancel a test, email oas@washcoll.edu or call 410-778-7860, if unable to make a test due to an illness, an emergency, or if taking the test in class. The student should also contact the professor immediately. There is no guarantee that the professor will allow a make-up exam. Students are responsible for coordinating the makeup of any missed test or exam with their professor. 
  • All tests will be taken at the regularly scheduled test time unless the professor agrees to an alternate time.
  • Only the professor can authorize a change in the test time.
  • Understand that “extended time” does not mean “unlimited time” or “un-timed” testing. There is a start time and a stop time.
  • Arrive at the OAS at the designated time on testing day. Students arriving late will have less time to complete the exam.  The “stop time” will not change.
  • Leave all personal items in the designated area during testing time. No cell phones, iPhones, mp3 etc. are allowed during testing.
  • Eat and take care of other personal needs before or after testing time.
  • Complete the exam in one sitting.
  • Do not talk to or collude with other students during testing time.
  • Adhere to time and a half or double time frame.
If a student is suspected of cheating or found in any violation of the Honor Code while taking an exam at OAS Staff will:
  • Email the Professor, Associate Dean, and the Honor Board Chair immediately;
  • Document and provide evidence of the offense to the professor;
  • Make alternative arrangements for testing until the Honor Board process has been completed.


For more information, contact  Andrea Vassar at 410-778-7883 or .

If you have difficulty accessing any portions of this page with assistive technology, please contact Andrea Vassar at 410.778.7883 or at .