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Disability Access

Materials in Alternative Formats

Students with disabilities can request materials in alternative formats so that they can have better access to course content. If you are requesting alternative instructional materials (AIMs) for your courses this semester, please note that there is a new process:

  • Purchase instructional materials for the semester
  • Login to the Accommodate portal (
  • Complete your semester request (a separate email has been sent with these instructions)
  • If your semester request is complete, you will see a tab at the top of the screen titled “Alternative Format”
  • Click the “Alternative Format” tab to submit a new request
  • Enter the book information as completely as possible and attach a copy of the receipt

We recommend that students submit their requests as far in advance as possible of when they need the materials. In some cases, it can take some time to receive the alternative versions. Due to copyright laws, students must purchase the original instructional material and may be required to produce the original receipt.

You will be notified once we have your texts in alternative format. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Types of Alternative Formats

  • PDF - retains the same layout as the print textbook and includes bookmarks for navigation, synchronized highlighting of text and audio.
  • MS Word Doc - This format is best for students who use screen reading software such as JAWS and also need alternative text descriptions added to images.
  • Audiobook format (Learning Ally) - audio only, plus headings for navigation.
  • Other specialized formats are available including MathML and DAISY.

If you need to request any documents on this webpage in an alternative accessible format (Braille, digital, audio, or large print) please contact the Office of Academic Skills at 410.778.7860 or

If you have difficulty accessing any portions of this page with adaptive technology, please contact Taylor Fields at 410.810.5841or