Digital Media Services

Event Video Production

We have adjusted our campus event video production workflow to better balance the growing demand and workload we have experienced in Digital Media Services.

Here is a quick reference regarding our process to help you plan for success:

  • We enforce a strict six-week request lead for production requests.  We understand presenter notes, such as Powerpoint presentations, will not be ready at the time of the request.  For any productions requiring picture-in-picture overlay of notes/images, we require those files at least two days prior to the event.  Please consult with us at the time of your request if the files would be something other than a Powerpoint or Quicktime video files.
  • Video recording services are only available in specific locations (see chart below).  We have a BYOCam policy (bring your own camera) for anything that falls outside these capabilities and are happy loan equipment and train campus clients who wish to venture beyond the scope of our services. 
  • We have assembled and trained a skilled team of student video producers who remotely operate twin cameras in each of these equipped locations.  
  • Video is switched/mixed in real-time, and only minimal post production needs completing after the event to trim the in and out points.
  • Campus clients are responsible for any further processing they desire in their videos, such as titles, text, graphics, or further editing.
  • We are required to provide closed captioning for any video we produce for the web.  We will need your help in assuring technical content is represented accurately.
  • We only provide video production services for campus clients for campus events.  We do not support requests from outside entities or projects that are not a Washington College event.
  • Our full-time staff will continue to produce high profile campus events for the President’s Office, such as Convocation, Commencement, and the Sophie Kerr Prize.

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If your campus event would benefit from our services, please first contact Gina Ralston in Campus Events via email or phone at 410-810-7438 to inquire about the desired location and date for your event.