Digital Media Services

DMS Programming

What is DMS Programming? Here is a view into some of the curricular and extracurricular opportunities we provide to the campus:

Digital Media Services offers several stand-alone and integrated learning workshops that teach multimedia theory and production skills, and enhance students’ visual literacy.  When offered as stand-alone, these workshops are often offered during off-peak times for ease of student scheduling.  

Some topics include:

  • Digital Filmmaking
  • Digital Photography
  • Lighting
  • Sound

When augmented, modified and/or combined, these topics can offer students multimedia related independent study to earn credits in specialized areas that Washington College doesn’t currently support with our regular catalog of courses. 

Additionally, DMS offers experiential learning excursions and trips that blend a combination of topics into exploratory environmentally engaging sessions that last from ½ to 7 days.  Some of these offerings have included:

  • Filmmaking and Photography Bootcamp
  • Chesapeake Bay Photographers Sailing Adventure
  • Chester River Nature Photography (Various, ½ day)Southwest USA Photography Trip (Spring Break, 7 days)
  • Annapolis and Baltimore Photo Walk (Weekend, 1 day each)
  • New York City Photo Walk (Weekend, 2 days)