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Meeting Well

Resolve to Meeting Well in 2014!

Meeting Well offers healthy food ideas, unique venues, and suggestions for physical activity that energizes meeting participants and demonstrates how easy it can be to live a healthier lifestyle every day. Meetings are much more productive when guests are enthusiastic and engaged. By utilizing the resources found on this page, it demonstrates interests in guests’ well-being.

Eat Well..

Energize your meetings and reduce food fatigue. Enjoy a wide variety of healthful foods. Feel Satisfied with fewer calories. Reduce Waste and support campus sustainability.

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Meet Well…

Explore our unique venues with wellness in mind. Engage your guests with a modern and fun atmosphere. Be Productive by taking advantage of our high-tech meeting room options.

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…Get Active!

Endeavor to make your meeting different. Challenge your guests to get involved. Make a Difference in everything you do.

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