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College Relations & Marketing

What We Do

The Office of College Relations and Marketing is charged with communicating the mission, values, and news of Washington College.

This includes print and Web publications for admissions, advancement, and the president’s office as well as the magazine, and other general communications and publicity support for programming and events.

We’re also you’re home for stationery—doing two big orders per year.

Design Services

The Office of College Relations and Marketing can assist in the design and printing of any College publication intended for an external audience. We also offer editorial assistance.

When beginning to work on a new publication, please keep in mind that the more time you allow for your project, the better the results will be. For new publications, you should always allow for six to eight weeks. For reprints with minor changes, you should allow for a minimum of four weeks. We have a timetable worksheet available to help.


Starting in 2005, photo galleries became a regular feature of the Washington College website. Now, a team of student photographers documents the unique campus events to provide the outside world a glimpse into campus life.

Can you shoot my event?

While we would love to photograph every event, the demand is simply too great. We do encourage you to upload your own event photos and suggest them to other groups that might be interested. If you’re not sure how to do this, check out our CMS tutorial videos.

We have a limited number of student photographers available to shoot on-campus events. Their availability varies, and we post all requests to a sign up forum that they can check. Visit this page to request a student photographer for your event. If you need to hire a professional photographer for an event, get in touch. We can put you in touch with some of the best.

To view a collection of campus images we’ve assembled for media usage, please visit this page.

The Web

If you have questions about LiveWhale CMS, we have answers—or we will find them for you! The Office of College Relations and Marketing oversaw the redesign of the website and implementation of LiveWhale CMS.

We will help you learn the content management system through trainings and tutorials and help with stylistic recommendations.