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WC Summer Spotlights

This summer, Evan Savoth ’20, Corbin Loree summer marketing and social media intern, has been gathering student summer internship experiences and sharing them on our social media pages. Read on to see what some of our students have been doing this summer!

  • Austin Allen '20 Intern at Hearst TelevisionMy name is Austin Allen and I am rising senior majoring in business management with a concentration in finance and minor in marketing at Washington College. This summer I was fortunate enough to receive an internship offer from Hearst Television. I was able to receive this internship by first being accepted into the class of 2019 T. Howard Foundation. The T. Howard Foundation is a mission driven organization dedicated to increasing diversity in the media industry. Hearst is a national multimedia company and I am working with the finance team under Alex Mejía. The team and I have been working on the Long Range Plan which deals with forecasting for the company, Digital Commissions, and a Capital project for each station. These projects have giving me hands on experience with forecasting, and financial analysis within the company. I have also had the great opportunity to have 1 on 1 meetings with the President of Hearst, President of Broadcasting, and other top executives in leadership positions. For me personally, the individual meetings are the best part because it allows me to pick their brain, understand their unique pathway to where they are now, and receive guidance as well. Being at Hearst Television this summer has allowed me to make many connections and meet so many different people. This opportunity has really allowed me to experience the corporate world on an everyday basis and learn about the media industry as well. Combining business and media is something that has always been a passion of mine and I look forward to continuing that passion after college.

  • Becca Kanaskie '21 Intern at the Jackson Hole DailyMy name is Becca and I am an English major with a Journalism, Editing & Publishing minor going into my third year at WAC. This summer I am working as a copy editing intern at the Jackson Hole Daily, a newspaper in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I emailed the editor of the paper on a whim inquiring about an internship opportunity, and, with the help of Dr. Elizabeth O’Connor and a generous grant from the Cater Society of Junior Fellows, I was offered the position! The skills I have learned in courses such as Intro to Journalism and Literary Editing & Publishing transfer to this internship perfectly and I am grateful that I am able to get first-hand experience for the new JEP minor. Even though I’m almost 2,000 miles away from WAC, there just so happens to be a Washington College alum working in the news office. Talk about a small world!



  • Max Lambert '20 Intern at ShoreRiversMy name is Max Lambert and I’m a rising senior. I’m an environmental studies major with minors in Chesapeake regional studies and political science. I am currently interning at ShoreRivers, an environmental NGO dedicated to improving water quality on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. I am working on a variety of projects, including removal of invasive Water Chestnut from the Sassafrass River, helping to conduct testing on the effectiveness of drainage systems in agricultural fields, and interacting with local communities on educational projects. ShoreRivers is an incredibly dedicated group of people, and working with them over the past several weeks has been a spectacular opportunity to gain experience as part of an environmental non-profit and the varied responsibilities that entails.

    Working in defense of local waterways and environmental health has been an amazing way to spend my final summer before graduation, and an internship at ShoreRivers is one I would recommend to anyone interested in protecting and restoring Eastern Shore waterways.


  • Ellie Lienert '21 Summer Fellow at the American Association of Physicists in MedicineMy name is Ellie Lienert and I am a rising senior majoring in physics. I am currently a medical physics summer fellow with the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, specifically performing clinical radiation therapy rounds at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and proton beam research at the University of Washington Medical Center. At Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, I work closely with the dosimetrists, physicians and radiation therapists. I assist in patient chart checks and patient specific plan checks for radiation treatments of specific cancers where we make sure the patients are receiving the correct radiation dosage and correct beam angles. At the University of Washington Medical Center, I am studying the biological effects of proton beams for therapeutic treatment compared to conventional open photon beams that are currently used in clinics. Proton beams are able to target high risk tumors inside the body and precisely localize the radiation dose, so the tumor site receives the most dose while limiting residual dose to adjacent vital organs and healthy tissue. Proton therapy could eventually provide a satisfactory solution for treatment of glioblastoma multiforme and pediatric medulloblastomas. This unique experience has allowed me to apply my knowledge of physics to the medical field, and I have really enjoyed working with this team of doctors, therapists and other medical physicists in providing the best care for patients.


  • Bethany Ford '21 Intern at ANKURIMy name is Bethany Ford and I’m a rising junior at WAC double majoring in Economics and International Studies. This summer, I’m interning in a village in northern India with an economic development organization called ANKURI. The organization was founded by a local woman to provide a source of income for other women in the area, create sustainable farming initiatives, and establish a holistic education program for the children in Galjwadi. I’ve taken several classes on development at WAC and It has been such an incredible experience to see what I’ve learned in the classroom play out in the real world. Rachna - the organization’s founder - has taught me so much about her vast experience and viewpoints on what “development” means in India (and more specifically, for these villagers). 
    While here, I have been able to conduct independent research on financial independence and accessibility for the women in these villages. I constructed a survey and went around to dozens of households and workplaces to conduct interviews along with a translator. This experience alone has been incredibly valuable for my educational journey and I can’t wait to write about my findings later this summer. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and can’t wait to come back!
  • Tamia Williams '21 Intern at the Library of Congress Publishing OfficeHello! I am Tamia Williams, a rising Junior with double majors in English and Communication(s) & Media Studies and double minors in Creative Writing and Journalism, Editing & Publishing. am currently interning at the Library of Congress Publishing Office as a part of the Explore America Summer Internship Program. Thanks to the Starr Center, I have been able to explore Washington, D.C. My summer work has included proofreading manuscripts, creating and organizing art logs, checking source citations, and researching while using the LOC catalog. After hours, I visit museums (like the National Building Museum’s ‘Secret Cities’ exhibit), enjoy nature (at the National Botanical Gardens), appreciate animals (while touring the National Zoo), and become acquainted with other LOC interns.



  • Natalia Nagy '20 Intern at the Brady Urological Institute at Johns Hopkins HospitalMy name is Natalia Nagy and I am a senior majoring in biology and minoring in music at Washington College.

    This summer I was fortunate enough to be awarded an internship in the SURE (Summer Urological Research Experience) program at the Brady Urological Institute at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. The lab team I have been working with, under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Pienta, is all about prostate cancer research and understanding the tumor microenvironment. The project I have primarily been working on has been to assess and characterize the role of tumor-associated macrophages in prostate cancer, in murine models. This experience has given me hands on training in mice handling and dissection, cell dissociation, genotyping, cell culturing(cancerous and non-cancerous cells), as well as an in-depth education of urogenital cancer. In addition to the hands-on lab work, I was also able to attend weekly seminars, journal club discussions, and watch several robotic surgeries.

    The biology courses at Washington College, including immunology, microbiology, and biotechnology, gave me a great foundation that this experience has been able to build upon.

    It has been incredibly exciting being at the front of some amazing translational research. This experience has really shown me what life in a cancer research lab is all about, and I cannot wait to continue the fight against cancer after graduation.

  • Sarah Collins '22 Intern the Washington College GIS LaboratoryMy name is Sarah Collins and I am a rising sophomore from Worton, Maryland. I am a Sociology major with minors in Public Health and Marketing. I am currently working as a Junior Apprentice & Social Media Intern at Washington College’s GIS Lab on-campus and also working off campus as an Animal Care Technician at the Animal Welfare League (AWL) of Queen Anne’s County. As a person who has always had a passion for service, I am enjoying working at two jobs which allow me to make a difference. Since May, I have been working on the Maryland Highway Safety Office (MHSO) grant at the GIS lab. The MHSO grant primarily focuses on providing impaired driving analysis and traffic records ​improvement. The comprehensive analysis tools available in GIS give law enforcement personnel the opportunity to proactively plan by understanding the trends in impaired vehicular crashes and citations. The GIS lab has helped me improve my analytical and critical thinking skills while also allowing me to make an impact on the safety of others.

    There has never been a time in my life when I haven’t been surrounded by animals, it has shaped the person I have became and fueled my passions. For over a decade I volunteered at my local Humane Society, which led to part-time internship then to a paid job early last year. There is truly nothing else that makes me happier than working in animal welfare. A few weeks ago I accepted a part-time job offer to work at AWL and cannot imagine loving a job more than I do right now. Working as an Animal Care Technician allows me to gain hands-on animal care experience, strengthen my talent as an animal advocate, assist with marketing projects in non-profit communications and make dreams come true for homeless pets. To me, passion is the difference between having a job or having a career, I have hopes of working in the animal welfare field after I graduate.


  • Mari Mulane '20: Intern at the Mount Vernon Education DepartmentMy name is Mari Mullane and I’m a senior majoring in History with a minor in German Studies. This summer, thanks to the Starr Center’s Explore America Summer Internship Program, I have the absolute pleasure of interning in the Mount Vernon Education Department. Part of my duties include writing content emails that are sent out to educators across the country and creating sample itineraries for teachers. The big program I’ve worked on so far has been the George Washington Teacher Institute Alumni Reunion which was a celebration of twenty years of residential professional development programs. I’ve also been working on this year’s Teacher Institute programs where I’ve been leading examples of classroom activities and in a few weeks will be delivering a presentation of my own design on POWs in the American Revolution for our professional development week themed around George Washington in the Military. I’ve also been able to do research for my senior thesis in the Fred W. Smith Library which has been amazing.


  • Sean Garin '20 Intern at the U.S. Naval Research LaboratoryMy name is Sean Garin and I’m a biology and chemistry major going into my senior year. This is my second summer at the Naval Research Lab doing biochemical research in the Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering Division. I found this opportunity through a professor at Washington College and have been able to use the skills I learned though my courses for practical research. I love my time at the lab, as I feel accomplished using newly developed techniques to explore mechanisms of the cell previously untapped.