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Photo galleries are a regular feature of the Washington College website. A team of student photographers documents the unique campus events to provide the outside world a glimpse into campus life.

Can you shoot my event?

While we would love to photograph every event, the demand is simply too great. We do encourage you to upload your own event photos and suggest them to other groups that might be interested. If you’re not sure how to do this, check out LiveWhale’s tutorials on Galleries and Images.

We have a limited number of student photographers available to shoot on-campus events. Their availability varies, and we post all requests to a sign up forum that they can check. If you need to hire a professional photographer for an event, let us know. We can put you in touch with some of the best. Fill out this form to request a student or professional photographer for your event

*Be sure to note that student photographers are not a guarantee and if the event must be photographed you have budgeted for a professional photographer, and allowed us the time to find one for you*

If you have any additional questions regarding a photography request please contact Taylor Fields

Photography Guidelines

The following guidelines are intended to clarify the rights and responsibilities relating to Washington College campus photography, filming, and videography (for simplicity, all references to photography are meant to include all forms of film, video, and digital imaging and any related audio recording).

Photography for purely personal and private use is permitted, as long as care is taken to respect the rights of Washington College students, employees, and visitors not to be photographed without their knowledge and permission. Care should also be taken not to disrupt classes or other College functions.

Filming and photographic use of the Washington College campus, its classrooms, faculty or students for any other use is expressly forbidden without permission, which can be obtained through the Office of College Relations & Marketing (410-810-7111).