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It’s easy for someone to say you need a page on X, Y or Z. But, as you’re creating your content, you need to really think about each page and come at it with a plan. Ask yourself:

  • Who is the main audience?
  • Why am I making this page? What do I want to accomplish with this content?
  • What does my audience need to know from this page?
  • How am I going to accomplish this?

How you present your information is important. The web allows you to be a bit more conversational, and you can tie in visuals. As you’re organizing your content, think about how you can make it engaging. Write headlines that draw your audience in—you want them to want to read more. Use the summary text to reel the audience in; don’t repeat the headline.

Engaging the audienceEngaging the audience  Stating the obviousStating the obvious

If you need more reasons for engaging headlines, remember that certain features like our Awesomes will cut off headlines that are too long. And even regular news widgets will look a little “off” on mobile devices with lengthy headlines.