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Your Site’s Structure

The navigation to your left is for your primary audience. It does not reflect the organizational chart of the college, nor should it try to be all-encompassing (because then it becomes overwhelming). Keep these things in mind:

  • A maximum of 10 links, but ideally 6-8, should make up your main navigation.
  • Organize things into categories and create subpages.
  • Do not use jargon and avoid using names that only make sense to people already in the family.

Student opportunities can have really interesting names, but if a prospective who hasn’t been on campus to hear the terminology bantered about might miss out on learning about some of the best offerings of your department.

Sometimes mapping it out can help. Use a white board, notecards, a flowchart or other tools to help you visualize and group your site in ways that would make sense to your audience.