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Media Guidelines

Washington College routinely sponsors speakers, forums, readings and lectures that are publicized through the media and are open to all in the spirit of community service and education.

In our desire to support free inquiry and an open forum of ideas that are the core values of higher education, Washington College also reserves the right to invite members of the media—print, broadcast and electronic, as well as our campus newspaper and alumni magazine—to cover and report on these events. In addition, the College often records these college-sponsored events—electronically, by audio or videotape, or via printed transcript—as a service to our campus community.

These records are archived by the College and are freely available to students and faculty for educational purposes only. The College reserves to right to share such records, in lieu of transcripts, with members of the media on request.

Washington College assumes that the guest, by agreeing to appear at a college-sponsored event, understands and accepts our policy. However, the College will do all within its power to accommodate the requests and instructions of our guests if given sufficient notice in advance of the scheduled event.