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The Washington College media office wants the world to know about Washington College and all the newsworthy things our faculty and students are up to. How do we tell the WC story?

We help journalists who have questions, need expert opinion and analysis, or want access to people and places on campus.

We send out news releases about upcoming events and notable achievements.

We look for WC stories to pitch to the regional and national media.

We promote faculty and staff experts to reporters, editors, producers and bloggers so they can be quoted in news stories, interviewed on public affairs shows and published on opinion pages.

We manage crisis communications and send out emergency alert information when the need arises.

Finally, when our professors, students, alums and other members of the WC family make the news, we share it with the greater College community with links to the articles or podcasts. 

Recent Press Releases
  • May 18, 2018

    English major wins the 2018 Sophie Kerr Prize, at nearly $64,000 the nation’s largest undergraduate literary award.

  • 05/17/18 The Best Possible Taste
    Bill Schindler, Director of the Eastern Shore Food Lab and Associate Professor of anthropology, is interviewed on Ireland’s radio program “The Best Possible Taste” hosted by Sharon Noonan. Noonan talks to Schindler about his talk at the Burren Slow Food Festival where, she says, “he enthralled an audience with his presentation ‘Human diet: Learning to Eat Again.’ ’’ During the interview, Schindler summarizes his talk about how the past instructs us about how we should be eating better today. Schindler’s interview starts at 34:20.
  • 05/17/18 Truthout

    Christine Wade, Professor of Political Science and International Studies and author of Captured Peace: Elites and Peacebuilding in El Salvador, is interviewed in this Truthout story about Honduran forces attacking civilian environmental activists who were protesting a hydroelectric project in Pajuiles, Honduras. Wade notes that Honduran security forces trained and backed by the U.S., like the COBRAS and TIGRES special forces, have been “implicated in human rights violations” over the last few decades, and unless the U.S. stops supporting these groups, human rights abuses at their hands will continue.

  • 05/16/18 Ms.Blog

    Melissa Deckman, Chair and Professor of Political Science and an expert with Gender Watch 2018, writes on Ms.Blog about the #MeToo movement and the upcoming midterm elections. She analyzes the results of a survey by the Public Religion Research Institute, of which she chairs the board, about people’s attitudes toward sexual harassment and if and how it would influence their vote in congressional elections. Among other results, she says the survey indicates that “Americans who trend Democratic in their voting behavior are far more likely to believe that sexual harassment is a serious problem,” and that even if Republican women are concerned about sexual harassment, that concern likely won’t influence them to vote against their party’s candidate.

  • Five graduating seniors, all English majors, have been named finalists for the 2018 Sophie Kerr Prize, this year worth $63,711 to the winner, who will be announced on Friday, May 18.

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