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The Washington College media office wants the world to know about Washington College and all the newsworthy things our faculty and students are up to. How do we tell the WC story?

We help journalists who have questions, need expert opinion and analysis, or want access to people and places on campus.

We send out news releases about upcoming events and notable achievements.

We look for WC stories to pitch to the regional and national media.

We promote faculty and staff experts to reporters, editors, producers and bloggers so they can be quoted in news stories, interviewed on public affairs shows and published on opinion pages.

We manage crisis communications and send out emergency alert information when the need arises.

Finally, when our professors, students, alums and other members of the WC family make the news, we share it with the greater College community with links to the articles or podcasts. 

Recent Press Releases
  • 08/17/18 The Academic Minute, Inside Higher Ed

    On day 5 of “Washington College Week” on The Academic Minute, Jennie Carr, Assistant Professor of Biology, describes her work at the College’s River and Field Campus studying the nesting and feeding behavior of field sparrows. Carr’s long-term study is helping learn the factors that contribute to nest failure for the birds, whose population has declined 65 percent from 1966 to 2010.

  • 08/16/18 The Academic Minute, Inside Higher Ed
    On day 4 of “Washington College Week” on The Academic Minute, Rachel Durso, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Black Studies, explains how her research with students and a collaboration with the College’s GIS Lab is helping the Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence better identify and help victims of domestic violence on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.
  • 08/16/18 Glamour

    Melissa Deckman, Professor and Chair of Political Science and author of Tea Party Women, is quoted in this story in Glamour about the United Daughters of the Confederacy, a quietly powerful organization that is influencing the debate over removal of Confederate memorials, as well as the larger issue of secessionist history. Deckman notes that in his tweets about how removal of monuments is “sad” and “so foolish” President Trump is helping make groups like the UDC more current again.

  • 08/14/18 The Academic Minute, Inside Higher Ed

    On Day 3 of “Washington College Week” on The Academic Minute, Bill Schindler, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Eastern Shore Food Lab, talks about how our ancestors were far better at choosing and preparing a healthier diet than today’s humans. The Academic Minute is published in Inside Higher Ed and airs on public radio stations across the country.

  • 08/14/18 Teraherz Technology
    George Keiser, Assistant Professor of Physics, and his student Justine Yerkie ’19 are featured in this story on the Terahertz Technology blog about their collaboration this summer as part of the Summer Research program at the Toll Science Center. Keiser and Yerkie are working to create a system that’s able to generate terahertz frequency light.

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