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We tell the stories of Washington College.

Our office produces print and Web publications for admissions, development, and the president’s office as well as the Washington College Magazine, and other general communications and publicity support for programming and events. We oversee the official campus social media outlets and capture campus stories on photo and video.

Recent Press Releases
  • 05/17/18 The Best Possible Taste
    Bill Schindler, Director of the Eastern Shore Food Lab and Associate Professor of anthropology, is interviewed on Ireland’s radio program “The Best Possible Taste” hosted by Sharon Noonan. Noonan talks to Schindler about his talk at the Burren Slow Food Festival where, she says, “he enthralled an audience with his presentation ‘Human diet: Learning to Eat Again.’ ’’ During the interview, Schindler summarizes his talk about how the past instructs us about how we should be eating better today. Schindler’s interview starts at 34:20.
  • 05/17/18 Truthout

    Christine Wade, Professor of Political Science and International Studies and author of Captured Peace: Elites and Peacebuilding in El Salvador, is interviewed in this Truthout story about Honduran forces attacking civilian environmental activists who were protesting a hydroelectric project in Pajuiles, Honduras. Wade notes that Honduran security forces trained and backed by the U.S., like the COBRAS and TIGRES special forces, have been “implicated in human rights violations” over the last few decades, and unless the U.S. stops supporting these groups, human rights abuses at their hands will continue.

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