College Relations & Marketing

We’ve created templates that you can use for event posters. This page is also your place to download letterhead, the official College logo or templates for PowerPoint presentations.

Download Letterhead
Download Washington’s Signature


PowerPoint Templates

Working on a PowerPoint for WC? Need it to look professional? These templates can be used for a variety of presentations—not just what they were originally designed for.

  • Download Template A
    A PowerPoint template designed by James Arnold for admissions presentations.
  • Download Template B
    A PowerPoint template designed by Psychology Professor Christopher Beasley for classroom presentations.


Download College Logo

Washington College logo and sub-identity files are located in Google Drive. Need a sub-identity file that isn’t in the folder or a different file type? Fill out our service request form!

Download Poster Templates

You will need Adobe Creative Cloud, which is available to Faculty and Staff through the Help Desk, to customize templates for your event. Additional templates are also available for items ranging from napkin holder inserts to postcards.


Recommended Font

Adobe Garamond Pro is the recommended standard print font, also used in the Washington College logo.

Our Top 3 Questions

  • Who do I talk to about press coverage?

    Send an email to our director of media relations, Kay MacIntosh.

  • How much time should I allow for print projects?

    For new publications, you should always allow for six to eight weeks. For reprints with minor changes, you should allow for a minimum of four weeks. We have a timetable worksheet available to help.

  • How do I order business cards?

    Business cards can be ordered through our stationery request form.