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We tell the stories of Washington College.

Our office produces print and Web publications for admissions, development, and the president’s office as well as the Washington College Magazine, and other general communications and publicity support for programming and events. We oversee the official campus social media outlets and capture campus stories on photo and video.


Recent Press Releases
  • 12/15/17 WWL Radio New Orleans

    WWL Radio host Tommy Tucker in New Orleans interviews Melissa Deckman, Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science, about the #MeToo movement and its political effects. Deckman says that although the #MeToo movement represents a powerful cultural change, she does not believe the Republican-controlled Congress will do anything to pursue an investigation into allegations from women against Donald Trump that he sexually assaulted or molested them before he became president.

  • By offering food to a weekly community dinner at a local church, members of Washington College’s Food Recovery Network are helping “close the gap on food waste” while nurturing a bond between College students and townspeople.


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