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Central Services


Incoming Mail

Incoming USPS mail arrives at Central Services around 10:45 am. This mail is generally sorted by noon. The mail is then delivered around campus according to daily scheduled rounds.When Addressing your mail, always include your box number.  Let family, friends, billing departments and subscriptions know too!  Follow this guide to get your mail fast!




Remember to always include your Washington College Box number to ensure prompt mail delivery.  This will delay the delivery time due to an insufficient address.


IF YOU LOSE YOUR MAILBOX KEY….  Please contact public safety at ext 7810.  There will be a small fee for a replacement. We will give you your mail until your key arrives.


Department Delivery & Pick Up

Most departments have a scheduled delivery and pick up time. If your department misses its scheduled pick up time please bring outgoing mail to Central Services. Mail received after 3:30 pm will be sent out on the next business day. All mail must be marked with account numbers and international mail must be marked and seperated.

Campus Mail

Note: we have switched to a numbered box system for students.

Mail to students should be addressed as follows:

Your Name
WC Box#__________
300 Washington Avenue
Chestertown, MD 21620-1197

It order to receive your mail please provide mailbox number above street address so that the post office does not deliver your mail to their local post office box holders. Failure to provide box number can delay delivery of your mail by several days.

Campus Mail can be mailed as single sheets or stapled packets - or confidential documents in envelopes - to campus departments, groups or individuals. See the Mail & Print Guide for more information.

International Mailing

Central Services can help you send mail home - no matter where home is. We handle mail coming from and going to countries all around the globe and our friendly staff can help you find the best rate, properly address your letters and packages and fill out the proper customs forms.


You can also use the USPS international postage calculator to get an approximation of the postage required to mail your item.

If you are shipping a package with UPS or FedEx, you may also use the UPS shipping calculator or FedEx shipping calculator.

Be sure to also review the Shipping a Package page.

Addressing Mailbill placed in an envelope


International mail requires the same information as domestic mail when addressing a letter or package:        

                             Line 1:     Name of Addressee

                                                          Line 2:     Street of Post Office Box Number

                                                          Line 3:     City/Town, Principal or Sub Division

                                                          Line 4:      Full Country Name printed in all   Capital   Letters


Customs Forms

Some international mail may require customs forms. For more information about customs forms, please read the Mail & Print Guide,  or contact the Front Desk at 410-778-7871. We will also be happy to assist you with customs forms in person.


If you would like to know more about international mailing, please contact the Front Desk at 410-778-7871.