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Selected retrospective list of past programs

“Managing Troubled Students in the Classroom.” Initiated because Professor Jehanne Dubrow and other concerned WAC faculty asked for such a session, we had a presentation and discussion led by Dr. Bonnie Fischer with Alan Fisher and Gerry Roderick, Director of Public Safety, about recognizing and managing students who exhibit troubling behavioral symptoms. Faculty secretaries also requested to be able to attend because often crises occur in between classes and they are often the first to be notified.

“Clickers in the Classroom,” Leader: Martin Connaughton, Department of Biology.

“The Use of On-Line Pre-Quizzes to Prepare Students for Exams: The Experience of On-Line Classrooms.” Leader: Mike Kolitsky, Department of Biology.

“Public Perceptions of Higher Education: A discussion about the newly-released Academically Adrift: .” Leader: Janet Sorrentino. Copies of the book were provided by Provost Christopher Ames, and published reviews circulated several weeks beforehand.

“Conceptualizing Competencies” Joint discussion session with GRW led by Andrew Oros and Janet Sorrentino

“Washington College and Technology,” Joint Session with OIT: Nancy Cross, Lisa Daniels, Michael Harvey, Lauren Littlefield, Sharon Sledge, Nick Smerker gave presentations and led discussions about the past, present and future of technology in the classroom at Washington College

“The Liberal Arts and Sciences: Aligning Teaching with W.C.’s Mission and Values” Leaders: Austin Lobo, Donald McColl, Kate Moncrief, and John Taylor, Department of Political Science.

“Engaging Students: The Classroom as a Place of Active – and Interactive – Learning”. Leader: Louise Amick.

“Newspapers in the Classroom: A Progress Report and a Road to Engagement”.
Michael Harvey.

“Memorable Teaching Experiences.” Leader: Lauren Littlefield.

“Student Writing: The Peer Tutors from the Writing Center - a conversation about student writing and assignments.”

“Grading and Assessment.” Leader: Lisa Daniels.

“Keeping a Course Fresh.” Leader: Clayton Black.

Students Talk about Teaching and Learning: a Conversation with our High School Teacher Interns

“Designing and Using Syllabi.” Leader: Lauren Littlefield.

Collaborative – Cooperative Learning Structures; a Workshop.” Leader: Frank Creegan Department of Chemistry; Seán O Connor, Department of Education

New Faculty Orientation panel discussions:

  • “The Culture of WC and teaching”
  • “Classroom Management”
  • “Service, Scholarship, and Teaching”


  • “Engagement and ‘Learning Now’: A Developmental Journey”
  • “Group Work: Collaborative and Cooperative Strategies”

“Knowledge Creation Tools: to help anyone think and do the extraordinary”, John Findlay
CEO, Zing Technologies, Sydney, Australia

“Teaching Problems, Learning Concerns: A Discussion of Identified Problems and Issues” [This has been a popular and very useful meeting for several years].

“The Anti-Plagiarism Initiative”, Dr. Ruth Shoge, Miller Library