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Center for Teaching and Learning

Cromwell CTL update

A new look for the Cromwell Center

You may be familiar with Goldstein 218, currently designated as the Cromwell Center for Teaching and Learning until the construction of the new Cromwell Center in the Board of Education Building on Washington Avenue.  The room is very popular with faculty and students and so has experienced heavy wear over the years.  The white walls were marked, the carpet was coffee stained, the ceiling tiles were dirty, the tables and chairs were worn. 

Through the generosity of the Cromwells and the hard work of our own maintenance staff, this room has been refurbished.  The walls are freshly painted, the carpet steam cleaned (twice!), the ceiling and lights now glow brightly, and new tables and chairs have been installed that are lighter and more easily moved into different configurations.  Do students appreciate the change? See for yourself.

Tablets for teaching

The next step is to equip the room with tablets that faculty can use in their classes.  After consultation with our experts in ET/OIT, we have just ordered several top end iPads and Windows Surface Pro 2 tablets.  When they come in, instructors who wish to see how Mac and Windows tablets might work in their classes will be encouraged to borrow them for a few days.  Once we have a better idea of what platform our colleagues prefer, we will equip GLD 218 with the appropraite tablets. 

Stay tuned for more news!