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Career Development



Four-Year Model

Discover * Explore * Focus * Take Off!

At the center for Career Development, we are constantly brainstorming new and exciting ways to bring the career process to students using the most effective and up-to-date tech possible. We collaborate with employers and other professionals to ensure that you have all the tools and advice you need to be successful and confident in whatever career path you choose. It’s a journey, enjoy the ride. 

First-Year Career Awareness Program

The FY CAP program aims to prepare incoming freshmen right from the summer before they enroll at Washington College through their freshmen year, to better understand their skills and interests and work towards a career involving these. 

Professional Development Workshops 

Almost every week, there is something going on at the Center for Career Development; look for our long list of Workshop opportunities, Career Lab events, and other happenings. 

SOAR Sophomore Program

Sophomore SOAR is offered in the spring semester to give Sophomores an opportunity to explore career paths at a conference-style format. Students register for panel discussions to meet Alumni and network. Students receive invaluable experience in learning important professional skills.    

Job Shadowing Program

Students are offered opportunities to spend a day shadowing professionals through the Office of Curricular Enrichment during the January break. 

Career Ambassadors

Career Ambassadors act as spokespeople, promote and reach out to students who often cannot get the center for a variety of reasons and in effect increase our presence on campus. It is an honor to be accepted into the corps.  







HBX CORe is a program offered by Harvard that teaches the language of business in a 3 course online learning experience that introduces undergraduates to business concepts and terminology.










Professional Etiquette Dinner

Taught by resident Social Etiquette instructor Georgina Bliss, Seniors and Juniors will be invited to a unique Social Etiquette - Interactions Dinner.  In this setting, students will learn a wide range of traditions used when attending a business function, but students will also learn valuable social etiquette skills to add to the Career Toolbox. Seating is limited. 

Pre-Law Program & Pre-Health Program

Coordinated by the Associate Dean of Experiential Learning, these pre-programs are designed to support students seeking professions in professional fields.  Students are supported through a range of activities, workshops and coordinated academic and career staff to ensure they have the tools to enter their chosen fields. 

Targeted Career Awareness Programs

DC Global Career Day & Greater Philadelphia / Wilmington Networking event are examples of how the Center for Career Development reaches out to its regional community to give students opportunities to meet professionals. These events are a key component to helping support a student through the job search journey.