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Career Development

Vision Statement

By the year 2015, the Center for Career Development (CCD) at Washington College will be known for the effectiveness of our career awareness and preparedness programs.

In order to achieve this goal, we will need to partner with various constituents to ensure all students are equipped for internships, careers, graduate school and additional lifelong pursuits.  Further, the CCD will be recognized for our collaboration with faculty and for supporting student engagement in experiential learning activities.

Prominent programs and outcomes will be:

  • Students at Washington College will acknowledge the effectiveness of CCD programs as part of their liberal arts education.
  • Identifying and promoting career preparedness to include quality resumes, sound interviewing skills, collaborative and thoughtful career decision making and strong communication skills.
  • The CCD will partner with faculty to assist students with academic major and career planning decision-making.
  • Improve outreach to employers and alumni to serve students and alumni with an emphasis on jobs.
  • Develop integrated internship program with established learning objectives and appropriately assess these once completed.
  • Increase internship participation from 65% (79% in all experiential areas) to 75%/90%.
  • Encourage additional experiential learning (service, volunteering etc.) to support students’ philanthropic and experiential goals.
  • Strengthen graduate school advising and preparation.
  • Use thoughtful assessment of services to craft innovative programming.
  • Reduce 39% without job or graduate school at graduation to 20% or less.
  • Increase “have a job” at graduation to 50%.
  • Increase “attending graduate school/accepted” at graduation to 30%.
  • Increase “have a job or graduate school full time” at the 6 month post-graduation point from 85% to 90%.