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Interview Prep 

For help preparing for an interview, use the resources provided at College Central or make an appointment for a Mock Interview at the Career Center.


Many companies visit Washington College to conduct mock and real interviews with our students. This is a privilege that is extended to students through the Career Center. If a student confirms that they will be taking part in an interview, they MUST abide by the following criteria:
1. Dress professionally
2. Arrive early and prepared
3. Behave in a professional manner
If a student must cancel an interview, he/she must:
1. Cancellations must be made immediately by calling the Career Center at 410-778-7890, if possible, 48 hours before the scheduled interview.
2. If a student has not contacted the Career Center about a cancellation or does not show for a real or mock interview, the student must:
- Call the recruiter or write a letter of apology (bring letter to the Career Center to mail to the recruiter). 
- A student’s participation in special invitation programs (i.e. Wall Street) will be immediately suspended

Many people are searching for job and internship opportunities, so not showing for an interview or mock interview is robbing another student of the chance to interview. Also, if “No Shows” persist, recruiters will not return to our campus, thus permanently affecting future WC students and our reputation. So, please be considerate of your fellow students and cancel your interview 48 hours ahead of time if necessary.