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The Washington Center Internship

Washington College students may participate in a Washington Center internship while maintaining current enrollment at the College and earning credit toward graduation during Fall or Spring semester. Opportunities are also available during the summer for academic credit. This program is residential; students are encouraged to reside full time in Washington, D.C. during the internship term, in Washington Center housing.

The Washington Center is an independent nonprofit organization that provides internship programs and academic seminars to college students from across the country and around the world. It is affiliated with more than 850 colleges and universities nationwide and works with 2,000-3,000 internship placements in Washington in major professional fields in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. The Washington Center has over 30,000 alumni.

For further details review the Washington Center website ( and then meet with Assistant Dean for Curricular Enrichment. Students cannot be accepted in a Washington Center internship without first meeting with Assistant Dean for Curricular Enrichment and participating in a review of application materials.


Is there a GPA and class requirement to participate in this internship program?

Yes, the minimum GPA is 2.8 and you must be at least a second term sophomore (completed 48 credits at Washington College).

When may I apply?

Internship placements are competitive and sometimes require a security clearance, which makes application deadlines up to 9 months in advance of the term you plan to participate in a Washington Center internship. Check the application deadlines on the TWC website.

Can I earn academic credit through a Washington Center internship?

Yes! You will register for and earn WC credit for 16 credit hours. Currently, the departments of Art, Political Science, Business Management, Economics, International Studies, and Sociology offer a full semester of academic credit for TWC internships.

If you have taken Political Science at the 100 level you may attend the Washington Center under that program. If you are seeking academic credit for a TWC internship outside of these fields, please consult the chair of the appropriate department before applying and plan to work closely with Dean Lange.

You will be enrolled in three courses: the internship, an academic course, and a lecture series. You will receive a grade for each of the three components based on your successful work and completion of your course objectives. Work is evaluated and grades are given by your Washington College department faculty mentor.

How will a Washington Center internship affect my GPA?

Credit received for the Washington Center will appear on your transcript and counts toward your cumulative GPA.

How will a Washington Center internship affect my financial aid?

You will be eligible to retain all your financial aid and scholarships during your semester at the Washington Center just as you are when you take classes on campus.

For an itemized list of costs relating to TWC internships, see the costs question below. For specific financial aid inquiries, please consult the Office of Financial Aid.

How do I apply?

Important information may be obtained from Assistant Dean For Curricular Enrichment and on-line at Applications are online at the TWC website. Participation and application components must be approved by your faculty advisor prior to submitting the application.

When are the internal application deadlines?

  • Review the Application Deadline on the TWC website (

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