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National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Internships

Step #1: The internal Washington College application deadline is Monday, February 4th. Pick up an application from Dr. Lange. Candidates should visit the NOAA internships site first and carefully review the project/site descriptions and requirements. PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME OFFER HOUSING OPTIONS. Prioritize your top 3 selections on the Washington College Internal application. Once Associate Provost Lange has received your internal application, it will be reviewed by Dr. Sherman and others. You will then be notified to proceed with the next phase of the application process, but please be aware that this is a very short turnaround to complete Step 2 of the application process so we recommend starting right away.

Step #2: Candidates moving forward will need to submit a cover letter, a resume, an official WAC transcript and a 1-2 page statement of interest to Dr. Lange by February 11th who will assist them with assembling their portfolios. Assistant Dean Lange can be reached at:; 410-778-7776 or in person in the Career Center. All completed applicant portfolios will be mailed via overnight express to NOAA on February 12th.