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Career Development

Getting Started

An internship allows you to apply the ideas and theories you learn in classes to practice in the field.

You can also test whether a particular career area is right for you and work with professionals engaged in their careers. You return to campus with a better understanding of how your major and other courses relate to your future, whether you are headed to graduate or professional school or embarking on a career.

For many internships you can earn academic credit that appears on your transcript. To learn more about for-credit and not-for-credit internships, please click here.

  • Talk to your faculty advisor and professors in your major or areas of interest, the Assistant Dean for Curricular Enrichment, and/or Career Development Office staff about your goals for an internship.

  • Consider The Washington Center program for internships in Washington, DC
  • Create or update your resume at the Center for Career Development
  • Choose your best semester for an internship; make sure it does not conflict with required courses, Senior Seminar, or Senior Capstone Experience
  • Decide on full time or part-time internship experience
    • Summer (full-time or part-time)
    • Part-Time Internship: Fall or Spring internship while taking other classes
    • Full-time internship: (Must be at least 12 credit hours to maintain full-time student status)
  • Complete internship registration for academic credit shown on the Internship Registration page.
  • Have a great experience on your internship!
  • Complete the required self-evaluation and evaluation of your internship site.