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Internship/Research Registration & Forms

Form required prior to internship

Internship Contract

Form required upon completion of internship

Final Evaluation of For-Credit Internships

The Final Evaluation of Internship Form allows the student the opportunity to formally document the achievement of the learning objectives and goals developed in the Learning Contract. The completed document is given to the faculty advisor at the end of the internship for grading.

Final Reporting for Non-Credit Internships


Learning Objectives

Sample Résumé

Optional Forms

Evaluation of Internship Site

Faculty Forms

Pre-Internship Forms

Course Proposal Form

Learning Contract

Milestone Forms

Internship Credit and Proposal

Mid-Term Evaluation

At the middle of the internship, the site supervisor will complete the Site Supervisor Mid-Term to document the student’s experience. Evaluation is based upon how well the student has achieved the goals set out at the beginning of the internship. Information from these documents is used as a component of the grade received for the internship.

Final Intern Assessment

Final Evaluation of Internship

Optional Resource

How to Verify Achievement

Internship Applications

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