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Children’s National Medical Center Division of Cardiology

An opportunity is available for a qualified student to intern over the summer in the Division of Cardiology at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC. The student may choose from 4 specific areas including:

Introduction to Cardiology Practice: Here the intern will be exposed to outpatient clinic work, non-invasive imaging, cardiac catherization, preventive cardiology and inpatient cardiology.

Introduction to Cardiology Research: The intern will be introduced to investigators working in the labs at Children’s and will be able to explore methodologies in cellular and molecular level work.

Introduction to Health Care Administration: The intern will learn about hospital management through project work and meetings with staff members on topics such as: clinics; human resources; budgeting; customer service; safety; and other objectives of the strategic goals of Children’s.

Nursing Leadership in a Magnet Environment: The intern will participate in research, quality, safety and leadership projects. “Magnet” refers to the highest level of credentialing nationally recognized within a hospital setting.

This opportunity is highly selective internship. Potential interns will be asked to submit a resume, a 300 word statement of interest, a current transcript and agree to an interview with faculty and staff here at the college. Students will be required to meet the criteria set out by the hospital including a criminal background check and health screenings.

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