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The Academy of Art Museum

The Academy Art Museum in Easton, Maryland offers internships during the semester as well as summer internship opportunities. The internships expose students to the operations of the museum and provide opportunities for students to attend gallery programs and events.  Students can select among the following:

Curatorial, exhibit design and mounting: This includes research on artists represented in the museum’s collection or artists and artworks whose work is under consideration for exhibit and research to support the permanent collection. This work proceeds under the guidance of the museum curator. Exhibit design and mounting includes assisting with exhibit design, design of informational and marketing materials for exhibit, and actual installation of exhibitions under the curator’s guidance.

Fund raising and event planning.  Interns will assist with membership development and advancement campaigns, designing and planning membership events, assisting with development calls all under the supervision of the director of development.

Art education.  The interns will assist in developing and delivering art education programs, art classes, and workshops and museum tours for adults and for children as well as art outreach to schools. Their work will be supervised by the education coordinator or the early enrichment manager.

Students must have a GPA of 2.8 or above and be in good academic and social standing. 

The applicant will submit a current resume, transcript and 300 word statement of interest as well as an application form which is available for download from the page.

For more information contact: Assistant Dean for Curricular Enrichment