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First Year Career Awareness Program

The First Year Career Awareness Program (FY CAP)

In the summer before they enroll at Washington College, first-year students complete Focus 2, a strengths and skills self-assessment.  At New Student Orientation, they meet in groups with the center for Career Development staff to learn about the CAP’s objectives and expectations.  They can also meet with Career Development staff to discuss their individual Focus 2 results.  Later in the year, there is a Career Development presentation for first-year students to further explore career awareness.  An important outcome of the CAP is for students to produce a draft resume while developing a professional online profile

Link to First Year Programs & Orientation 

First Year Student Focus 2 Requirement

Steps To Complete Focus 2 Survey

-  Click the Focus 2 box at the top right of the page.

-  Click on “New User Click Here To Get Started.”

-  Use shoremen as your access code.

-  Use your Washington College email or Net ID (Net ID example:  jsmith2) as your username.

- Create a unique password and confirm that.

- Then complete the 5-part Self-Assessment under “Learn Something about Yourself.”

  • The Self-Assessment battery consists of 5 mini-assessments (Work Interest, Personality, Skills, Values and Leisure).  This is the requirement for all new students and total completion time is approximately 10-12 minutes.
  • You can complete more sections or modules on this page, if you wish.

-  Once completed, make sure and submit/save your results.  Results can also be downloaded and/or printed.

-  Once logged out, existing users can log back in at any time to manage accounts, review results, re-take assessments and use other modules.


Please contact the Center for Career Development at 410-778-7890 with any questions


  1. Start the First Year Career Awareness Program (FY CAP)
  2. Complete Focus 2 Interest/Skills Assessment
  3. Meet with Career Center staff
  4. Develop your online profile and resume