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Career Development

Employers-On Campus Recruiting

On-Campus Recruiting

On campus interview sessions (half or full-day) can provide a great opportunity for employers to meet Washington College students. The Center for Career Development can assist you by publicizing the positions you seek to fill and by handling the entire interview scheduling process. If you would prefer, prior to scheduling interviews, student résumés can be collected and forwarded to you so that you can choose the candidates you feel are most qualified.

Résumé Referral

The Center for Career Development is prepared to assist you with easy access to résumés of students and alumni who meet criteria you have specified ahead of time. Simply contact the Center and set up a deadline by which time we will collect résumés for the positions you are seeking to fill. The résumés will then be forwarded to you and you can choose to interview selected students on-site at your organization or on our campus.

Information Table

An easy and informal way to connect with Washington College students is by setting up an information table in one of our high-traffic areas (dining hall, book store, mailbox area, etc.). Plan to bring lots of print material to hand out and enjoy the opportunity to discuss possibilities at your organization with our students in a friendly and open setting.

Information Session

Whether you would like to conduct a small, less formal information session in our Career Library or have us reserve one of the larger meeting places on campus for you, we can provide for your space and audio-visual needs.

Classroom Presentations

Classroom presentations afford your organization the opportunity to connect directly with students and faculty in a given major/subject area.