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LinkedIn In is SOCIAL MEDIA.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social medial site in the world where young professionals in any field can present a personal profile showcasing their skills, knowledge and experiences. LinkedIn features many job and internship opportunities. Students can come into the center for a LinkedIn workshop to learn how to cull and apply to opportunities. Students should be aware of misleading postings and which information should not be displayed on your profile. 

Be careful out there. Your future boss (and your mother) may be watching.

Employers regularly access social media sites to obtain information about job applicants and have rejected applicants based on what they found.

The top areas of concern found on social networking sites include:
  • Information about alcohol or drug use (41% of managers said this was a top concern)
  • Inappropriate photos or information (40%)
  • Poor communication skills (29%)
  • Bad-mouthing of former employers or fellow employees (28%)
  • Inaccurate qualifications (27%)
  • Unprofessional screen names (22%)
  • Notes showing links to criminal behavior (21%)
  • Confidential information about past employers (19%)

based on a study conducted by Career Builder.

Be pro-active about how & what you post

Don’t ever post personal information, addresses, phone numbers or other personal details. Hackers can find anything. Change your passwords often to protect yourself especially while you are job hunting. Run a “Google” Search for yourself to stay ahead of potential problems.