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Scholar-Athlete Career Development Program
 About the Program

Many athletic departments claim to have great alumni and professional connections that will help their scholar-athletes obtain a career upon graduation. We at Washington College not only make this claim but have taken it to the next level.

Our program works in conjunction with the College’s “Mapping Your Future” program. “Mapping Your Future” offerings includes an externship program, during Spring Break, for freshmen and sophomores who meet minimum grade-point average requirements. Our scholar-athlete program is open to all varsity athletes, regardless of class or grade-point average, and is not limited to Spring Break. We are leading the way in scholar-athlete career development.

Shadow/Externship Program

This is the first step in our scholar-athlete career development program. Our scholar-athletes are able to shadow a professional in a career field of their interest by completing an externship. The length of this externship is typically one business day but can vary. The purpose of the program is two-fold. First, it allows our scholar-athletes to gain valuable knowledge regarding specific careers, which, in return, will help them determine their actual interest level in that particular field. Second, it allows our scholar-athletes to begin networking with current professionals as early as their sophomore year in college. One of the goals of this program is to help our scholar-athletes open the door for future internship and entry-level employment opportunities.

Professional Partnership Program

The Washington College athletic department is dedicated to forming partnerships with companies across the country that will benefit our scholar-athletes. The partnership model will follow the path of shadow opportunity to internship opportunity to entry-level employment opportunity. As the program continues to grow more companies will be added. A few of the participating companies are listed below.

Our professional partnership program is also closely tied to the Mapping Your Future internship program.

For more information please contact our program director, Jeff Shirk at 410-778-7248 or e-mail