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Career Development


The resources available at the Center for Career Development can and should be an integral part of each student’s life here at Washington College, and they need not wait until their senior year to visit.

 Suggestions To Help You Help Your Student!

1- Encourage your student to make an appointment with the Career Center staff for interest and skill assessments, career information and exploration, job search support, graduate school assistance, and essential employer and alumni contacts.

2- Discuss the personal qualities of your student that you see as talents and strengths.

3- Emphasize the importance of experiential learning: internships, volunteering, informational interviews, campus involvement.

4- Encourage extracurricular involvement and keeping up with current events. When he or she is at home on break, discuss these activities as well as major world events and business news.

5- Explain what you do for a living, share your job search experiences, and discuss ways that you stay connected professionally and through community involvement.

6- Teach the importance of identifying people who want to help and strategies for getting and staying connected (networking).

7- Suggest a review of voice mail messages and social networking site profiles as critical first impressions with potential employers.

8- Identify internship and job-seeking steps and establish a plan/timeline.

9- Be supportive. Do not persistently ask your child about his or her job search. Please do not call or intervene with employers.

10- Shop together for resume paper and an appropriate interview outfit. Encourage mock interviews with the Career Center staff.

11- Ask your student what they are learning in the classroom and how it applies to life after college.

12- Share summer, part-time, and full-time job leads with the Career Center. If your employer has internships, have them listed with the Career Center.

13- Offer to assist with Career Center programs providing “real world” experience information.