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Career Development


The Center for Career Development can and should be an integral part of each student’s life, and they need not wait until their senior year to visit. Encourage your student to find their wings. 

Your career search begins the moment your student steps foot on campus. FIND YOUR WINGS. 


Think about what you like to do, what excited you and what you find meaningful. To get started, come in and meet with your personal career advisor who will support you along the way. 

  • Attend the First Year Career Awareness Program FYTCAP 
  • Take FOCUS 2, a comprehensive career planning program that provides guidance and information to help you make important career and educational decisions
  • Create a Handshake account
  • Make an Appointment and meet with your advisor to talk about courses and activities. 
  • Write a resume and have critiqued by the Career Center

With a better sense of what interests you, reach out to your new network and explore career options.

  • Attend workshops, info sessions; meet with employers & alumni. Get your groove
  • Complete an Externship
  • Attend SOAR (see programs)

Meet with an advisor to FOCUS on where you want to land; Target your plans.

  • Talk with an advisor about your internship, job & graduate school dreams
  • If you are considering graduate school, prepare now to make the process easier later. Your advisor will help with Critical Deadlines, Tests & More
  • Practice, practice & Practice: Participate in networking events, mock interview programs, & recruiter events
  • Begin your job search using a targeted approach
  • Meet with your advisor to get advice; Tailor your resume for specific job & graduate school opportunities. 
  • Continue to practice your skills, attend Career Fairs & events
  • Tell everyone your plans; Networking works! 
  • Share good news with everyone