Career Development

Harvard Business School HBX CORe

Washington College has an affiliation agreement with the Harvard Business School’s HBX CORe program which allows qualified Washington College upperclassmen to apply for the summer program (referred to as Bundled) or to pursue taking an individual course over the summer months (referred to as Unbundled). A student interested in the Bundled option takes 3 courses- Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting using an on line learning process and then completes an exam at a terrestrial testing site. Upon successful completion of the exam, the student receives either a pass or pass with honors and Harvard provides him/her with a Credential of Readiness Certificate. If a student wishes to pursue the Unbudled option, he/she may take any of the 3 courses separately. When he/she completes all three courses and successfully passes all 3 tests, then Harvard provides the Credential of Readiness Certificate.

Note that Harvard offers these programs and courses year round, but Washington College students are only eligible to apply for the summer timeframe. Students wishing to pursue this learning experience complete an internal Washington College application, do an on campus interview, and then are green-lighted to apply to Harvard.

For more specific information about the Program, times, dates and other related questions visit the Harvard HBX CORe website or contact Nanette Cooley, Director of the Washington College Career Center at