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Career Development

First Year Career Awareness Program

For incoming students:

Welcome to Washington College! We are so glad you are here and we look forward to working with you for your entire college career. To get started, all first year students are required to complete FOCUS 2, a comprehensive career planning program that provides guidance and information to help you make important career and educational decisions.

The deadline to complete your FOCUS 2 is August 18, 2017.

Instructions for using FOCUS 2:

  1. Use the link to the right to access our College Central Network.
  2. Set up a College Central account. You will use this for all four years of your Washington College career.
  3. Once in College Central, follow the link and instructions to bring you to FOCUS 2, located in the Career Document Library.
  4. Once at the FOCUS 2 log in page, click on “NEW USER” located just below the login box.
  5. Use the access code “shoremen” and create account.
  6. The new user can then continue and complete the Self Assessment battery.
  7. The Self Assessment battery consists of 5 mini-assessments (Work Interest, Personality, Leisure Interest, Skills and Values).
  8. Once completed, results can be saved, downloaded and/or printed.
  9. Users can log back in later to manage their account, review results, retake assessments, and use other modules.

FYCAP Canvas Class Page 

All First Year students will receive an email to join the Canvas Class FYCAP for the fall. You must accept it in order to see the required assignments. Assignments for the spring semester will be added at the completion of the fall semester.

All students must complete the following:

Fall Semester:

1) Complete Focus 2 by August 18, 2017

2) Attend Career Center Orientation August 28 or 29th- Time slot dependent on Peer Mentor group

3) Attend 1 additional Fall semester program. Available programs are marked “Option”

4) Once you have attended your optional program, submit a Program Assignment (found under “Files” on the left navigation)

Spring Semester:

1) Attend a program during First Year Week (Date TBA)

2) Attend 1 additional Spring semester program. Program to be posted ASAP.

3) Create a resume on College Central. (Links to an external site.) and submit by the due date