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Room and Board Refund

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Washington College suspended on-campus instruction and asked students to return to their homes. As a result, eligible student accounts will be credited prorated room and board expenses for March 2rd through the end of the spring 2020 semester. 

Room and Board

Residence agreements for the spring 2020 semester began on Friday, January 20, and were to end Sunday, May 10, spanning a total of 110 days. Residence halls were officially closed on Monday, March 23, coinciding with the move to online instruction. Credits for room and board charges after March 22 will be prorated based on the room type and the day the student left campus, and based on actual fees paid by the student and their family to Washington College. 

Students whose room and board fees were covered by institutional grants are not eligible for credits or refunds. Residence Assistants whose room fees were partially covered through their RA contracts will be eligible for prorated credit only to the extent of their personal financial contributions to the fees.

For those students who paid for room and board and are eligible for a credit, student accounts will be credited by May 15, with unused portions of on-campus room and board charges calculated as described above. Students will be eligible for a refund or credit only to the extent that their overall student account is settled and results in a credit balance. If these prorated amounts result in a credit balance on a student’s account, the credit can be applied as follows:

Credit Towards a Future Semester

No further action is required. The credit will be applied to the upcoming fall semester. 

Refund in Full

For those students who are graduating, or for those continuing students who request the refund of a credit balance, we are requiring that students fill out their direct deposit information here. Once you have configured direct deposit, you can then follow the link here to complete the refund request process. 

Donate Back to the College

If you choose to donate your refund back to Washington College, please accept the refund in full and enter your contact information here. A staff member from College Advancement will be in touch.

Spring Semester Tuition

Since classes are continuing for the remainder of the semester via remote instruction, there will be no credits to student accounts related to spring 2020 tuition charges.

Mandatory Fees

There will be no adjustments or account credits for mandatory fees.

We encourage you to visit the Washington College COVID-19 Information website for updates about the virus and its consequences for our community. We appreciate your patience as we work through the challenges that have arisen.  Our faculty and staff are working hard to deliver quality instruction and to do what is necessary, consistent with the guidance we receive from public officials, to ensure the safety and wellness of all members of our community. Please stay safe and be well. 

Refund FAQ

  • What will happen to my remaining payment plan?

    If your account has been satisfied, the Business Office will cancel your payment plan.

  • What if I still owed money to Washington College?

    Any credit will be applied to the balance of a student account that is currently due.

  • Why is my refund different from what I anticipated?

    Refunds are based upon what you actually paid for room and board. Any institutional money you received to cover room and board expenses will not be refunded.



Laura Johnson, Vice President of Finance

Charles Connolly, Controller