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GET has replaced ManageMyID. 

  • What is GET?

    GET is a website where students (or parents!) can view and/or manage a student’s Flex Dollars and ID card account. It provides information about account balances and spending history, while allowing a student (or parent/guardian) to add money to the College ID card using a credit card.

    GET is always on, so if a student discovers he or she is out of money late at night or on a weekend, the student can still add funds to the ID card via GET. The student ID card account is replenished and ready for on campus purchases once again.

  • Who can add funds through the GET site?

    While logged into GET site the student can add funds onto the card using a credit card. Using the Parents, Guardians or other Relatives: feature, anyone can add funds to a student’s ID card. There is no login required. The person wishing to add funds to the card just needs the student’s Washington College ID number.

  • Can I make purchases at the Bookstore, the Office of Information Technology (OIT), and Dining Services using my Student ID and receive a monthly bill?

    No,  purchases with the Student ID card can only be made if funds have been added to the student ID card using GET.

  • What payment forms are accepted for adding funds to the ID card using GET?

    Payment can be made with Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

  • Are there any fees associated with using GET?

    Yes, there is a $2.00 transaction fee each time funds are added onto the card. It’s recommended you add a sufficient amount to minimize transaction fees.

  • How can I estimate the amount of funds needed to be preloaded on the ID card for purchasing books at the start of the semester?

    A student can estimate their book costs for the semester using the online Bookstore.

  • Where can the ID Card be used on campus?

    Once funds are added, the ID card can be used for purchases in the Bookstore, OIT and Dining Services locations.

  • What happens if a card is lost?

    For lost cards, it’s easy to turn the card “off” quickly, ensuring it’s not able to be used. Simply login to GET and click “I Lost My Card”.

  • What happens if I am making a purchase and there are not enough funds on my card to cover the purchase?

    If there are insufficient funds on the ID card to cover a purchase in full the student will need to make payment with an alternate source for any additional balance. The following payment forms are accepted.

    Bookstore: Cash, Personal Check, Credit or Debit Card, Barns and Noble Gift Card
    Dining Hall: Cash, Personal Check, Credit Card
    Retail Dining: Cash, Personal Check, Credit Card
    OIT: Credit or Debit Card

  • Can funds from excess Financial Aid be added to the ID card?

    Yes, the student can submit request to transfer excess financial aid funds through their Web Advisor account using the transfer option under Transfer/Refund Credit Balance.

    Once the request is received the student’s account will be billed for the transfer amount requested and the funds loaded onto the student’s ID card under a separate plan called FA Open. Please note: the amount to be transferred can not exceed the amount of anticipated excess Financial Aid, and may NOT include Pending Payment Plan funds.

  • Can funds from an Official Payments Payment Plan be added to the ID card?

    No. The full amount of funds scheduled through Official Payments are not received at the college until the contract is complete in December for the fall semester and April for the spring semester and therefor can not be transferred to the ID Card. It is recommended that the Official Payments contract include payment for Student service fee, tuition, room and board only.

  • Does my balance at semester end or year-end roll over?

    Yes, balances between semesters and at year end roll over. Graduating seniors will have their accounts closed at least two weeks before graduation in order to clear their accounts for graduation. Any remaining funds will first be applied to any outstanding balances due before a refund is issued.

  • What information can I see when logged into my account at GET?

    While logged into GET you can see the balance available for Dining Dollars as well as  the balance remaining for the pre-loaded debit card.

  • If I run out of Dining (flex) Dollars, will the system automatically go to the balance on my account at GET?

    No, If you have Dining Dollar funds to cover only a portion of your purchase you would need to ask the attendant to swipe your card a second time to roll to the GET plan. At the start of the next semester the system will re-set to the new allotment of Dining Dollars. 

  • Do Dining Dollars affect my balance?

    No. Dining Dollars are separate from the pre-loaded debit funds based on the meal plan that was purchased.

  • Can I request a refund of funds loaded to the card?

    Students withdrawing from Washington College will have their balances applied to any outstanding balances due before a refund is issued. There will be no refunds issued while the student remains currently enrolled.

  • Do I need a separate log-in for GET?

    Your log-in for the GET system will be the same as your log-in for the campus Outlook email system.

  • Are pre-loaded debit funds required to see my Dining Dollar balance on GET?

    No, with GET you can monitor Dining Dollar balance regardless of whether pre-loaded debit funds are added.