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FixedFor4 Policy

FixedFor4 Offers Washington College Families and Students More Certainty in Planning for Tuition.

 Who is Eligible?

FixedFor4 will apply to the following full time student types:

  • TR – Traditional students
  • SE – Study Abroad students

FixedFor4 for will apply to freshman students beginning with the (graduating) class of 2022 for eight (8) consecutive semesters.

Additionally, FixedFor4 applies on a limited basis to the following classes:   

  • Class of 2021: six (6) semesters
  • Class of 2020: four (4) semesters
  • Class of 2019: two (2) semesters

FixedFor4 will apply to transfer students entering at the current freshman class rate for the corresponding credits:

Transfer Credits

Fixed Tuition

·                       0-31

·                     7 semesters

·                     32-47

·                     6 semesters

·                     48-63

·                     5 semesters

·                     64-72

·                     4 semesters

AP credits are not included in transfer credits

What is Covered?

FixedFor4 covers tuition only.

What if I Withdraw?

Students who withdraw for a medical reason or mandatory military service must formally request to retain the fixed tuition rate. The request must be completed by the first day of classes in the semester following the withdrawal and the absence may not exceed twelve (12) months, at which time the rate charged will be their current freshmen rate. Please send your request in writing to the Accounts Receivable Manager in the Business Office.

Students who withdraw for personal reasons or are suspended or expelled are not eligible to retain the fixed tuition rate upon returning to Washington College. Students returning will return at the current freshmen rate for the remaining semesters available.

How Long is FixedFor4 Effective?

FixedFor4 will never exceed eight (8) semesters and one (1) degree.