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WC Corporate Credit Cards

The Washington College Corporate Visa Card program  handles most types of purchases for college operations. Cardholders can initiate transactions in person, by telephone or via the internet. The credit card program eliminates the need for most check and wire requests; expedites delivery of goods and provides quick payment to the vendor. Cardholders have online access to their account activity and will control allocation of charges to departmental accounts.  The card is a privilege granted to the individual by the college, so it is the duty of each cardholder to ensure the responsible use of college funds. The Business Office is responsible for the administration of the college’s credit card program. 

Need a Credit Card?  Look here for help.
  • Getting Started

    How do I apply for a Washington College Corporate Credit Card?

    The College’s corporate card (BBT Visa Intellilink) program provides for issuance of chip enabled VISA cards to authorized individuals as a convenience for College Related Purchases.


    Follow these steps to obtain a College Issued Credit Card



Do you have a Credit Card? These questions may help you.

  • How do I allocate? Expense Reports, Coding and Imaging

    Visa Intellilink will send an automated email when the monthly credit card cycle closes.  This system is available anywhere you have an internet connection.  Follow the steps below to submit an Expense Report.



    • Step 2. Allocate/Code your Transactions this includes who(list guest for meals), what (includes a business purpose), where, when(date(s) of purchase)

         Approved Object Codes

         Coding Transactions (Quick Coding options available)


    • Step 3. Attach Image(s) to match the transaction-detailed receipts are required 
    • See Attaching Images


    • Step 4. Create Expense Report to include all transactions for reporting period

         Create Expense Report


    Link additional transactions to a previously created Expense Report within the same reporting period (drop details)


    • Step 5. Submit Expense Report for Approval

              Submit Expense Report for Approval

  • How do I navigate the Home Screen?

    For an overview of home screen content view Home Page Navigation

  • When are my Allocations Due?

    Allocations for Credit Cards are due as outlined in the schedule below.  

    The following guidelines should be used when finalizing expense reports:     
    • attach a receipt for each transaction listed
    • detail receipts are required
    • retain your documentation for one year after payment
    • credit card allocations are due the 12th of each month
  • What happens if I’m late allocating expenses?

    Please be aware that not meeting the deadline may result in loss of your corporate credit card.

    • First late allocation - warning
    • Second late allocation - card locked until coding and imaging have been completed
    • Third late allocation - card inactivated for 90-day period
Credit Card Approvers — This is what you need to know.
  • How do I navigate the Home Screen?

    For an overview of home screen content view Home Page Navigation

  • Approvers - How do I review and approve cardholders assigned to me?

     Each Approver is responsible for verifying the expenses are reasonable and accurate according to Washington College’s Revenue and Expense Polices and Procedures.  All Expense Reports should be approved in a timely manner.


         Home Screen Navigation


    • Step 2. Review Expenses 

         Is the charge appropriate for your departmental needs and within your budget?

         Is the charge coded to the correct department and object

         Does the attached image match the transaction amount?


  • Need More Help? Look for Additional Resources Here

    Looking for Complete Details on Visa Intellilink Spend Management?

              Spend Management Approval Guide (PDF)




 Need More Help? - Find additional resources here.
  • Unfamiliar Charges? Report Immediately!

    As soon as you become aware of a fraudulent charge, contact the Visa Fraud Department 1-800-511-5458 immediately.  The Bank’s Customer Service Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


    In addition to the above phone call 

    •      Alert Accounting Analyst II of irregularities

    •      Visa will cancel your card immediately and issue a new card

    •      Make temporary arrangements to cover expenses if needed





  • Having trouble with denied payments?

       Credit Card Payments may be denied for several reasons:

    Wrong number

    Wrong expiration date

    Wrong PIN number

    Reached your credit limit


    Verify you have entered all the above information correctly before reviewing the following possibilities of payment denial:


    Washington College restricts the use of the Visa Corporate Cards to certain MCC codes.  Should you need to purchase something outside of the approved MCC codes, please contact Accounting Analyst II

  • No Receipt Available to Attach with Transaction?

    All transactions require documentation as proof of purchase.  When a receipt is lost or otherwise unavailable and all measures to obtain a copy have been exhausted, a  Missing Receipt Form must be completed for each transaction.  The form must be signed by the employee and their supervisor and submitted in place of the required image on Visa Intellilink. 

  • Need a Temporary Credit Increase?

    Temporary Credit Increases may be needed for travel,  bulk purchases or other large purchases beyond your credit limit.  These increases will usually remain in effect for no longer than 30 days.  Please follow the steps below if a temporary credit increase is needed.


    •      User - Contact your supervisor for help
    •      Approver - Contact Accounting Analyst II by email
      • Include
        • CC User
        • Name of User
        • Amount of Increase
        • Length of Temporary Increase
  • Need to Delegate Someone to Your Card?

    Cardholders are responsible for reporting their expenses monthly, coding all charges on their cards and ensuring images are received at time of purchase.  Delegates may be used to aide in the process of coding and attaching images.  Cardholders may assign their coding and imaging to a delegate when necessary.  The Cardholder is still responsible for the timely submission of their expense report. 


     For more information contact Accounting Analyst II

  • Want up to date spend on your card?

    On the road and need to know how much is available on your credit card?  You may register for BBT Credit Card Connection for access to your current charges and credit availability.

  • Need a Tax Exempt Certificate?

    Washington College is exempt from sales tax in the State of Maryland and many other states.  Cardholders are responsible for informing the vendor of the College’s sales tax exemptions.  The exemption information must be given to all vendors by the cardholder at the time of the transaction to exempt payment of sales tax.  A copy of sales tax exemption certificates can be found using the  Tax Exemption Certificates link here. 

  • I Need to Purchase Technology and/or Accesories

    All Purchases of Technology and Accessories must be purchased through OIT Acquisitions or Help Desk.


    Find detailed  Expense Guidelines here.

  • My Purchase will be over $5,000 - What must I do?

    All expenses over $5,000 will need review by the VP of Finance and Administration


    Read - Expense Guidelines here for further information.

  • Capital Purchase - What do I need to know?

    Capital Purchases require approvals from the Budget Director


    Find detailed requirements on the Expense Guidelines page.

  • Rebates and Purchase Incentives

    Rebates associated with a college credit card transaction must be deposited in full with the Cashiers Office against the account which was charged with the initial purchase.  Any gift cards or other incentives received as a result of a credit card purchase must be used for college purposes.  All supporting documentation should be retained by the cardholder as per policy.

  • Credits and Returns

    The cardholder is responsible for ensuring that returns and their associated credits have been properly reflected on the monthly statements.  The charge transaction will be processed in the month that it occurred and the credit processed when received.  This may occur on two different billing cycles and be recorded the following month when received.  Do not request a refund check.


    If purchased items or credits do not appear on the monthly statement within 30 days after the date of the transaction, the cardholder shall notify the Accounting Analyst II.


  • Disputed Charges?

    Each cardholder is responsible for resolving disputes directly with the merchant. 


    • Contact the merchant to resolve the problem


  • Unauthorized Purchases?

    The cardholder is responsible for all charges made to their card.  A cardholder who makes unauthorized purchases may be liable for the total dollar amount of such purchases plus any additional costs incurred in connection with the misuse. If a person charge occurs on your card, please notify Accounts Payable Analyst II immediately for further instructions.

  • I’m leaving the College? What do I need to do?

    The college corporate credit card shall be returned to the Accounting Analyst II prior to separation from the college.  All charges incurred with the card must be coded and all images attached before an employee will receive clearance on the HR termination checkout sheet.