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Time Management

Time or the lack of time is a major problem for many college students. The week won’t expand to 200 hours, so it’s up to you to make your activities fit the time you have, and learn to plan ahead

Time Management - Follow this hand out to figure out when you have ‘free time’ and how to structure your schedule and routine (one of your strongest academic success tools).

Weekly Calendar - Use this template to create your schedule and routine.

Anticipating and Planning for a Course - Learn how to prepare for long term planning to make a successful semester.

Assignment Calculator  - Use this assignment calculator to determine when to start a project or paper. Planning ahead is hard, and knowing when to start is even harder. Use this at the beginning of the semester on each of your projects and mark your start date the same as you would a due date in your planner or on your syllabus.

 When To- Do Lists Aren’t Your Thing - To Do lists work for many people, but sometimes it’s too structured and doesn’t allow for the flexibility needed. Read this article and learn about using Mind Mapping rather than a To Do list.

How to Determine Priorities - Determining and managing priorities is a HUGE part of time management. But figuring out what your priorities should be is also a huge challenge. Determine what is Urgent/Important, and how to tell the difference.

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