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Academic Skills

Study Skills Resources

Take a look at some additional resources to help you with your studies as a college student!

How to Study (great website on study tips. Also, a place to talk to other college students!)

Study Guides and Strategies (Strategies for many areas concerning college learning and preparing.  Website offers guides and strategy tips in different languages!)

Study Environment Analysis (From Virginia Tech, you can take this survey and see which study environments are best for you.)

Strategies for Improving Concentration and Memory (Find out the best ways to help with focus and improving your memory for better studying.)

VARK (A guide to understand your learning style)

How to Retain Information (word document from Dartmouth that includes ways to improve retaining information for better studying and preparing for exams!)

Student Health101: Download by clicking on the link to get great info on staying healthy in college. As a busy college student, staying healthy and fit is crucial towards staying focused in the classroom!


Feel free to stop by the Office of Academic Skills and get more resources for extra help!