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What is OAS Peer Tutoring?

The Office of Academic Skills provides one-on-one tutoring in a variety of subjects. Peer Tutors are students who have completed the course with at least a 3.0 and have a recommendation from a professor in their subject area. Along with great academic standing, professor recommendations, and content knowledge, all Peer Tutors are trained on a regular basis to develop appropriate skills to help students who seek a tutor in their requested subject area.


What is the format for OAS Peer Tutoring? 

You can either be tutored one on one by making an appointment (see below) or use our new resource; Study Tables. Study tables are a great place for you to study or complete practice worksheets and problems independently, with the support of a tutor nearby if you have questions. See the schedule (link below) for days and times of Course Mentor Sessions.

How do I meet with a Peer Tutor?

Click on the link below to make an appointment with a subject tutor or to view the tutor schedule. All users need to log in with their WAC login username and password. New users will need to make a profile to register before viewing the schedule. Please choose the OAS Peer Tutor center from the drop-down menu.

Make an appointment!



What can you expect in a tutoring session?
  •  A fellow student who is genuinely interested in helping other students.
  • Respect and professionalism.
  • Tutors are not miracle workers. There is no magic wand to get you an A or make you understand everything, so tutors certainly can’t do that either. They will work with you on study skills and techniques and review information to help you work towards success.
  • Tutors will help you work towards independent learning.
What does your tutor expect from you?
  •  Come with a plan. Know what you want to work on, it’s even better if you can include that when you schedule the appointment, then they may be able to prepare even more thoroughly.
  • Come Prepared. You should always bring notes, textbooks, and syllabi to tutoring appointments. Occasionally a tutor will ask you to bring specific materials, assignments, or to come prepared with a list of questions. Take advantage of this. The tutor is asking you do to this because they know how to maximize a session for you. Additionally, it is sometimes impossible for them to help you if you do not bring these things.
  • Arrive on time. Tutors have a specific period of time during which they will wait. If you exceed that time, they will leave, and your appointment will be marked as a no-show. If you accumulate 3 no-shows (in any tutoring center), you will be locked out of WC Online and be contacted by Academic Resource staff for a meeting.
  • Be an active participant. You should expect to be engaged in the session. Your tutor will ask questions and have a dialogue with you. Tutoring is productive and effective when it is interactive.
  • Provide feedback. If you don’t understand something, or something is not working, you should be honest and let them know. They will not judge you, and their feelings won’t be hurt if the way they’re tutoring isn’t working for you. They want to help and need feedback to do that.
  • Respect. Be respectful of your tutors’ time and efforts. They want to help you and work as a tutor because they love helping students. Be respectful of their time by arriving on time, and staying for the entire scheduled appointment. If you will need to leave early, plan ahead and let your tutor know via email or when booking the appointment.

* Should a student, on a regular basis, not meet these expectations, they may be required to meet with the Assistant Director of the OAS to discuss how to effectively use tutoring, how to meet expectations, and their future tutoring usage or other academic support options.