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Academic Skills

Become a Notetaker

A notetaker is a student who is able to attend a specific course and take notes for another student who has an academic accommodation.

By taking notes, the notetaker is helping a student in need, as well as enhancing their own academic skills. This is a very important job because students with academic accommodations are offered notetakers in the classroom to assist in obtaining all relevant classroom discussion in order to improve the opportunity for success. 

How are notetakers selected and assigned?

At the beginning of the semester, students with disabilities must request notetaking services. An email is then sent to students enrolled in the course requesting volunteers. Students can express their interest in being a notetaker by replying to the email. No application is required. All volunteers are reviewed for the appropriate qualifications. If more than one student volunteers for a course, the first qualified volunteer to reply is selected. The assigned notetakers will then receive an email confirmation with additional information.  

What makes someone “qualified” to be a notetaker? 

Volunteer notetakers must have a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher and be in good academic standing. 

Volunteers may take an optional self-directed online notetaking preparation training course (http://www.pepnet.org/e-learning/notetaker). This is a great course that will definitely help you to be a better notetaker.

Will I get paid to be a notetaker?

Notetakers are paid a stipend of $150 for each set of course notes at the end of the semester.

What skills do I need? 

  1. The ability to maintain confidentiality and a good working rapport with the professor and the OAS,
  2. Have excellent attendance and on-time arrival,
  3. Have good organization and listening skills, i.e., being able to attend to and record all lecture details; and
  4. have the ability to type or write very legibly.

Okay, now that I have been selected, what is the best way to take notes?

  1. On each page of notes, please type or write the date and course (prefix/number/section) of the notes.
  2. Type notes (preferred) or write legibly in pen.
  3. Write down all assignments and due dates, also anything written on the board.
  4. Write down the primary and secondary points, any key terms or concepts.

Finally, How do I submit the notes*?

Submit a copy of your notes by Friday of each week in one of the following ways: 

  1. Send a digital copy of typed notes in either .DOC or .PDF format via email to oas_notes@washcoll.edu. Please name the subject of the email and the copy of the notes with the course code and dates and include any special comments for days without any notes in the body of the email. 
  2. Scan a copy of the notes on your own to oas_notes@washcoll.edu. Please name the subject of the email and the copy of the notes with the course code and dates and include any special comments for days without any notes in the body of the email.
  3. Come to the OAS and use the office copier to scan notes. Please see a staff member for how to scan the notes or refer to this Scanning Guide. The copier allows a notetaker to name the subject of the scan message, the scan of the notes with the course code and dates, and to include any special comments for days without any notes.

* It is the responsibility of the notetaker to obtain notes for any missed classes. Please contact the OAS if you are unable to continue to be a notetaker for the course. If a notetaker fails to turn in notes for 3 consecutive weeks or the notes submitted are illegible, they will be dismissed and a new notetaker will be selected. 


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