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Learning Styles

Knowing your learning style is one step towards success. Use some of the resources below to determine how you learn best, and what your challenges are. Then use additional resources to find strategies to use your strengths and conquer your weaknesses

VARK Questionnaire

VARK Strategies

VARK tells you about more than hour you learn, but how you interact with people as well. It is a short inventory to complete, and the below link will help you determine what that means and how to use that information to your advantage.

Learning Styles Examples (video) - Not everyone understands what their learning style means, or how each learning style is different. This video uses movie characters to briefly outline some of the different learning styles.

Multiple Intelligence Inventory - Howard Gardner is a psychologist who developed a theory of multiple intelligences. Many of the types of learning styles you hear today are based on his theory. Basically he said that we are all smart in a few specific ways. Knowing which intelligences you have, helps you adjust to different learning situations and prepare in a way that is best for you.

Other Learning Styles - This is a short document outlining learning styles from another theory.

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