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Academic Skills

Accessible Instructional Materials

For many students with disabilities, standard print in textbooks can be a barrier to access and learning.

Some students who have difficulty with reading or understanding text may need to have their core and supplemental instructional materials provided to them in an alternate format (e.g., Braille, digital, audio) to support access to the curriculum. 

Students who have documented disabilities may request assistance with obtaining accessible instructional materials (AIMs). Due to copyright laws, in order for the OAS to fulfill requests, the student must purchase the original instructional material and may be required to produce the original receipt. 

Currently, the OAS uses AMAC Accessibility, a division of Georgia Institute of Technology, to assist in the acquisition of alternative instructional materials. Please follow the process below to request AIMs.

It is recommended that this request be submitted several weeks in advance of the materials being needed due to the fact that it can take some time to complete each request.

Accessible Instructional Materials Request Process

1) Make sure that you have completed either a) the Disability Disclosure and Initial Accommodation Process or b) the Continuing Accommodation Request Process.

2) Go to the AMAC Student Download Center to complete the request for each material needed.

Below you will find instructions for this process. When you get to the login page, you are required to use a pin number. You may not know this number, please use the “forgot your pin” link and it will be sent to you.

Instructions for Students
How to Submit a Student Request (VIDEO)
My Requests Quickstart Guide

Once you have submitted a request, it will be reviewed and will either be approved, denied, or there may be a request for more information if needed. You will receive email confirmations throughout the process.  

Additional Sources for Accessible Instructional Materials 

Learning Ally -  professionally narrated audio books; nominal annual subscription fee.

Bookshare -  150,000+ books in a digital format; free membership.

Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped - comprehensive library services to the eligible blind and physically handicapped residents of the State of Maryland (State Of Maryland Instructional Materials Access for Students of Post Secondary Education Guidelines).

National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials - AIM-related information and resources pertaining to higher education.



For more information, contact  Andrea Vassar at 410-778-7883 or .

If you have difficulty accessing any portions of this page with assistive technology, please contact Andrea Vassar at 410.778.7883 or at .