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L. Claire Hansen ’14

Diversity Liaison

Claire is a 2014 double major graduate (Humanities and English) with minors in Gender Studies, Philosophy, and Creative Writing of Washington College.  


Claire went on to obtain a Masters Degree in literature with a concentration in Gender Sexuality and Feminism from McGill University in 2017.  While at Washington College, Claire was President of EROS and active in local politics (serving on two, a Congressional and state, campaigns) and PFLAG activities in the greater Chestertown area.  Following graduate school, Claire returned to Washington College and worked for the Career Center and served as Pre Law Staff Advisor and Mock Trail Staff Advisor, responsibilities Claire maintains as Diversity Liaison.  The position of Diversity Liaison was created to bridge and align campus-wide diversity and inclusion initiatives with the Office of the President and the Board of Visitors and Governors following issuance in the Summer of 2019 of the College’s revised Diversity Statement.  Recognizing that diversity and inclusion are key themes College leadership is committed to promoting and achieving, the position of Diversity Liaison was created to ensure all campus-wide initiatives are mapped, align, and strengthened. Claire’s role as President of PFLAG and Claire’s understanding to the College and the greater Chestertown Community make Claire a perfect candidate for this position.  Claire was a chief organizer of 2019 Shore Pride, a first-ever four-day multi-county celebration of diversity and inclusion that attracted record crowds and rave reviews.  Claire works closely with President Landgraf, Chief of Staff Vic Sensenig, and the Board to give expression to the College’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.  In addition, Claire advises the College’s growing Mock Trial Team and works closely with pre law students as Staff Advisor to ensure their career goals are fulfilled.

Campus Involvement

Pre Law Staff Advisor

EROS Staff Advisor

Mock Trial Staff Advisor