• Position 3

Jack Despeaux ’18

Admissions Counselor
As an alum of Washington College, I can say with confidence that I received the full college experience, and at the place that was perfect for me. The liberal arts were perfect for my style of learning, and I flourished at WC. I received Honors on my thesis: Order in the Face of the Absurd: How the Environment and Romanticism Influence Existential Perspectives on Order, and graduated with a BA in English and Philosophy & Religion.
I also made sure to immerse myself in that which WC had to offer. Involvement in The Pegasus online yearbook and The Elm school newspaper helped develop my writing and leadership skills. Being a member of the Men’s Rowing team, as well as playing Club Lacrosse, Club Rugby, and every intramural sport Washington College has to offer allowed me to satisfy my competitive drive during my time here as well. I also involved myself in Greek Life, and became a brother of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, where I developed fraternal bonds and leadership skills that have remained with me since. Involvement at WC was a priority of mine, as I was also the Vice President of the Philosophy Club, Treasurer of the Poetry Club, a Senator for the SGA, and an editor for the Apeiron Philosophy Journal, among other things.
Joining the Admissions team has inspired me to get incoming students as interested in involvement as I was. The beauty of Washington College and the Chester River brought me to school here, and now I am so excited to help you find your way here too.